Nite White Take Home Bleach

Nite white is a fast, safe and effective tooth whitening system. The whitening gel is a thick solution that is dispensed to patient by a dentist, then applied by the patient at home using a clear and inconspicuous custom fitted tray. Nite White ACP is available in 10%, 16%, and 22% Carbamide peroxide formulas, as well as a special, high-performance formula that whitens 6 shades in 3 nights. Nite White ACP offer flexible wear protocols, from overnight to one hour a day, to meet the special needs of individual patients.

Nite White ACP whitens, rebuilds enamel and works in 3-nights, all with dramatically reduced sensitivity.

Nite White ACP has been clinically proven to remineralize teeth while also whitening them. Nite White rebuilds tooth enamel, making teeth stronger and less susceptible to caries. Better yet, Nite White ACP has been clinically proven to do it better than the closest competitor.