Sonicare Tooth Brushes

Sonicare’s technology is designed to deliver superior results.

Sonicare toothbrushes, inspired by the sonic technology used in dental offices, have dynamic cleaning action to reduce plaque along the gumline.

The bristles on a Sonicare play an important part too. Their high velocity movement creates the dynamic cleaning action, and allows for direct contact with each tooth. Sonicare’s bristles are also designed to be extra gentle on teeth and gums.

The first time you use a Sonicare, you’ll notice that the cleaning technique feels entirely different than any other toothbrush. Now you’ll know it’s because it cleans in a way that is completely unique from any other toothbrush

Healthier Gums

When plaque accumulates between the teeth and gums, it becomes an irritant to the gum tissues causing gingivitis, the most common form of gum disease. Sonicare is clinically proven to reduce gingivitis.

Sonicare also helps to shrink periodontal pockets, which form between the teeth and the gums when gingivitis goes untreated. Periodontal pockets are especially problematic because plaque and debris from food collect in the pocket, which can eventually result in the loss of teeth.